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CARS Code of Conduct


April 18, 2007

All CARS clubs' members and all participants in CARS events shall conduct themselves according to the highest standards of behaviour and sportsmanship and in a manner that shall not be prejudicial to the interests and the reputation of CARS or its Regions or of motorsport generally. Failure to do so shall be deemed a breach of the CARS GCRs and may result in penalties being applied.

The purpose of this document is to provide a clear statement of the beliefs, expectations and ideals of CARS. In addition to any precepts provided in CARS Rules and Regulations, Bylaws or other Policies or those of its Regions, the following specific statements further delineate principles of individual conduct that CARS believes should be exemplified:

  1. All participants in CARS sanctioned activities shall be bound by this Code of Conduct;
  2. All participants in CARS sanctioned activities shall accept that motorsport can be dangerous and entails inherent risks;
  3. All participants in CARS sanctioned activities shall be treated with consideration and respect;
  4. All participants in CARS sanctioned activities shall endeavour to portray a positive image of rallysport through their exemplary driving habits;
  5. All competitors in CARS sanctioned events shall assure that their vehicle complies with the regulations of the event and the class that it is registered for and that their vehicle is presented in roadworthy condition;
  6. Participants in CARS sanctioned events shall not knowingly place themselves or others in a position of undue risk. Consideration of safety shall be placed before competitive goals;
  7. CARS members agree to participate only in sanctioned motorsport activities;
  8. CARS members shall pledge to demonstrate in their actions care and concern for the environment;
  9. All CARS members shall strive to set exemplary standards of behaviour as they are all ambassadors for rallysport.